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Membership starts at $59/mo.

Membership starts at $59/mo.

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The premier destination for fine jewelry rentals

Our mission is to provide a new way to experience jewelry and to make the world’s most beautiful jewels accessible to all. When you Flont a jewel, you also help the world by enabling sustainability which earns you a double high five. Learn all the ways to Flont below.

Flont Demi

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$59 / Mo

Hit refresh on your jewelry look. Borrow up to $2,500 in jewels every month from the best and most popular designers. You’ll also enjoy discounts on all jewelry purchases as well as other exclusive member benefits.

Flont Fine

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$239 / Mo

Our signature unlimited jewelry box. Borrow up to $8,000 in jewels at a time from our curated collection of fine jewelry featuring top brands and artisan designers. All members keep what they love with members only pricing.

Flont Privé

Starts from

$399 / Event

Rock next-level jewels – no strings attached. Simply return after 3 days. Insurance included. Keep a jewel you love, minus the rental fee.


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