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  $249 EACH

For only $249 a month, each member of the wedding party can FLONT up to $7,500 of jewels from top brands like Bulgari, Cartier, Tiffany & Co, or from over a dozen artisan designers. For this special price: a minimum of three memberships must be ordered. FLONT fine jewelry for all your wedding festivities, from the rehearsal dinner, right through the honeymoon - enjoy it for up to a month!


The perfect gift for bridesmaids or the bride. When four bridesmaids sign up, the bride's membership is complimentary. We will FedEx you a gift card and box, to present to each recipient. If you fall in love with your jewel, buy it at the member discount.


FedEx shipping and return is included. We also provide the insurance for you. Each person who borrows a jewel is personally responsible for the deductible of their item: 25% of retail, for any loss, and you must file a police report.