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Exclusive Designers

Pamela Love

Pamela Love launched her eponymous jewelry line in 2006 from her Brooklyn home. All of her jewelry production is done in-house, and she uses sustainable methods whenever possible. Love draws inspiration from astrology, her designs often feature moon phases, stars, and other celestial symbols in her fine jewelry collection.


Born and raised in New York City, Mimi So is an influential jewelry designer known for her one-of-a-kind creations, artisan craftsmanship, and her celebrity clientele. Infused with the designer's playful spirit and her instinctive, modern style, Mimi's jewels reflect a reverence for wearable art.


Payal Shah is the dynamic designer behind L’ Dezen Jewellery. As a lover of architecture, Payal's pieces reflect the relationship between the dimension of design and the choice of materials, harmonizing a classical scheme in modern concepts.


Sabine Getty launched her eponymous brand three years ago and immediately caught the eye of editors and influencers across the globe. This glamorous jet-setter creates striking, colorful collections - each inspired by a favorite theme: medieval relics to art deco and the Memphis movement.


New York based Deborah Pagani designs for women like herself, a tribe definitely proud of their femininity. Inspired by veritable femmes fatales inspire her, she works on style codes that have stood the test of time. Pagani´s fine jewelry is like the designer and her muses – a rare combination of glamour and elegance.


Paige's jewelry reflects her personal style: restrained glamour. Marrying geometry and sculpture, her designs give rise to a contrast that evokes both the masculine and feminine nature. The designer's collections reflect quiet beauty while highlighting her playful spirit.


Carla Amorim draws inspiration from the nature, art and architecture of her native Brazil. Her work is a seamless blend of structured geometry and fluid, sensual forms with a nod to Oscar Neimeyer. Meticulously handcrafted in Brazil, her alluring range of statement earrings, in particular, has garnered a global following.


Crow's Nest, founded by designer Daniel-Philip Belevitch, is a wildly imaginative collection of fine jewelry noted for its impeccable craftsmanship. Bold color, shapes and exotic motifs such as feathers and snakes inform the unique aesthetic of the brand.


Based in London, Noor Fares creates jewellery which fuses together her Lebanese heritage and contemporary sensibility. Her strong belief in the talismanic quality of jewellery, as a carrier of special meaning and stones imbued with a certain mysticism, informs her work.


New York Native Nina Runsdorf is perhaps best known for pioneering the use of sliced diamonds in precious jewelry. She has dressed some the world's most glamorous women and is regularly featured in top fashion publications. Her signature "flip" ring is an iconic staple among the style set.

Spinelli Kilcollin by Yves Spinelli

Los Angeles based jewelry designer Yves Spinelli combines a minimalist aesthetic with a love for materials and craftsmanship inherited from his Italian father, a fourth-generation blacksmith. After managing the iconic West Hollywood boutique, Maxfield, Yves felt there was something missing in the men's market full of ornate and gothic options. He dreamed of a piece of jewelry that was tough but also modern and sculptural. In 2010, he launched Spinelli Kilcollin and the rest, as they say, is history.

COLETTE by Colette Steckel

Since the launch of her namesake collection in 1995, Colette continues to push the boundaries of fine jewelry design resulting in a collection that is timeless with a contemporary fashion edge. Each piece channels a wanderlust spirit and is influenced by her dynamic French-Mexican background.


A collection of exquisite modern and vintage classics, curated by Jill Heller. Signed pieces from Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co., and Chanel, as well as some special Victorian and Art Deco selections.


VENYX by Eugenie Niarchos

Venyx by Eugenie Niarchos is about innovative designs that break the rules of the more traditional jewellery, creating innovative and luxurious jewels.