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Learn About Our Investors

Flont is backed by an incredible group of leaders, spanning the worlds of fashion to finance. Our lead investor, pictured above, is Carmen Busquets, whom the New York Times christened “The Fairy Godmother of Fashion Startups”.

Adrian Cheng, Flont Investor

Adrian Cheng

Executive Chairman, Chow Tai Fook & New World Development

Carmen Busquets, Flont Investor

Carmen Busquets

Lead Investor, Fashion-Tech Investor

Clive Ng, Flont Investor

Clive Ng

Executive Chairman of China Cablecom

David Jaffe, Flont Investor

David Jaffe

Managing Partner, Centre Partners

David Knowlton, Flont Investor

David Knowlton

Managing Partner, Three Ocean Partners

Denise Warren, Flont Investor

Denise Warren

Former President of Tronc, EVP of The New York Times Co.

George Matouk, Flont Investor

George Matouk

Chief Executive of John Matouk & Co.

Jack Stahl, Flont Investor

Jack Stahl

Chairman of Avon, former CEO of Revlon and President of Coca-Cola

Jorge Mora, Flont Investor

Jorge Mora

Former Vice Chairman of Macquarie Group

Kenny Blatt, Flont Investor

Kenny Blatt

COO of CPG Real Estate, owner of Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach

Michael Crotty, Flont Investor

Michael Crotty

Former CMO of Hudson's Bay Co., Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus

Miki Iwamura, Flont Investor

Miki Iwamura

Google Chief Marketing Officer, Japan

Milton Pedraza, Flont Investor

Milton Pedraza

Chief Executive of The Luxury Institute

Mimi So, Flont Investor

Mimi So

CEO of Mimi So International, and Treasurer of CFDA

Payal Shah, Flont Investor

Payal Shah

Chief Executive of L'Dezen Jewellery

Stephanie Stahl, Flont Investor

Stephanie Stahl

Former Chief Marketing Officer of Coach & Revlon

Susan Shin, Flont Investor

Susan Shin

Chief Executive of Shin Advisors

Vadim Krivitsky, Flont Investor

Vadim Krivitsky

Chief Executive of OakGem