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Flont FINE

Flont's collection of fine jewelry consists of precious jewels from both artisan designers and global brands, all in 18 karat gold.


Looking for a standout jewel to wear everyday?

The Flont Fine assortment is tailored for you — featuring precious jewels all in 18 karat gold.

Join us monthly and rock a new jewel whenever you like.

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$239 per mo.

Our signature monthly membership. Rent up to $5000 at a time from both Flont FINE & Flont DEMI collections. Swap your jewels anytime. Keep the jewels you love with exclusive members-only pricing.


Fine X

$379 per mo.

An extra-luxe upgrade for those who desire boundless wearability. Rent up to $8000 worth of jewels at a time. Mix and match jewels from Flont FINE & Flont DEMI.