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What is Flont?


Flont is an online fine jewelry membership, where you can borrow unlimited jewelry from Bulgari, Cartier and Tiffany & Co., and top artisan designers. Anyone can rent our jewels, and members choose something new anytime!

Flont is the leading source for designer fine jewelry in the sharing economy. In partnership with leading designers, we are creating a better way to discover, experience and purchase fine jewelry.

Who is behind Flont?


Based in New York City, Flont is a team of jewelry fashionistas and technologists. Flont was founded by Cormac Kinney, a technology entrepreneur with a fine jewelry background. He was president of a global joint venture with Cartier, and President of Mimi So International.

See About Us. Our brand curator is Brooke Magnaghi, a former accessories and jewelry editor at W Magazine. Our vintage curator is Jill Heller.

Flont's investors include exceptional women from the fields of fashion, media, luxury and finance.

Where is Flont located? Can I visit?


Our headquarters are in New York City overlooking Rockefeller Plaza. We have a sumptuous Member Lounge, which Members are welcome to visit with an appointment. Here you can choose items to Flont, or return and exchange in person. Our address is 22 W 48th Street, Suite 902, New York NY, 10036

To make an appointment, email

Or call us at 866-500-6023

How does Flont membership work?


For a low monthly fee, you have unlimited access (how frequently you pick items) to our entire fine jewelry collection. You can Flont two items together under $2,500 each, or a single jewel up to $7,500 in value. Once you return your current Flont, you choose something new.

Each month, we include one FREE FedEx delivery and return. Additional deliveries within a month are $50 per round trip, including insurance. You can pause your membership for up to two months. Your card will still be charged on time, but those months will be added to the end of your membership.

In New York City, you may make an appointment to return and choose your jewels at our lounge at Rockefeller Plaza - at no charge. Bring a friend!

Members may purchase any item, off their own wrist or from our site, at a discount. The Member price is shown on the item page, and on the card delivered with the jewelry.

Members also receive invitations to amazing events, often featuring our exclusive designers, as well as to our members-only annual sale.

what if I want to cancel my membership?


Sign up in 2017, and you can cancel anytime. After January 1, 2018, Flont membership is for a minimum of 3 months. You can pause your membership if you will be traveling. Cancellation is easy, and just takes an email or phone call - after you have returned all our jewelry of course. As you are a member for longer periods, you will accrue bonus points, enabling you to select more expensive jewelry, or even to gift a Flont to a friend.

How long can I wear the jewelry?


Members return anytime to choose again, and can keep each piece for up to a month. If you do not return your item on time, after 3 days we assume you wish to keep it (at a great discount!), and charge the purchase to your credit card.

Renters keep each piece for 4 days. If you love your Flont, you can always purchase it. All of our jewels are limited editions, and are often purchased by collectors. Members get a 15% discount, and Borrowers are refunded half of the 4 day fee.

how do i receive and return the jewelry?


We deliver exclusively by FedEx, via 2nd day express shipping, both ways. We ship orders placed before 4:30pm EST the same day. Jewelry is only sent to the address on your credit card account, and must be signed for by an adult. No PO Boxes - delivery is to residences or offices only. You must be present for your first delivery, with your state issued identification. To return the jewelry, simply place the Flont hard case in the included FedEx return Pak and apply the FedEx label. Call FedEx for a pickup, or bring the Pak to any FedEx location, and be sure to get a receipt!

can I purchase the jewelry on Flont?


Everything on Flont is available for sale. Flont Members get a 15% discount off all items, plus exclusive access to private sales. You can even purchase the jewelry right off your own wrist, at a discount. We are authorized representatives of all our Exclusive Designers, and can provide anything presently offered by those brands, as well as custom orders.

what if i am late to return, or keep the jewelry?


You will receive a reminder before your due date - which is the day FedEx must receive your return package. If you miss your due date, we will send a reminder. Once the item is 3 days late, we will charge the discounted acquisition price to your credit card. Please contact concierge@Flont

Or call us at 866-500-6023

Does Flont make financial sense?


Like ZipCar, AirBnB & Rent The Runway - Flont has brought jewelry into the sharing economy.

Fine jewelry is expensive. You don't wear it all the time, and often you want to change what you wear. Jewelry is perfect to share!

To purchase the jewelry you Flont would cost 20 years of membership fees: For example, for $249 per month, you can experience up to $60,000 worth of jewels with no additional shipping costs. If you pay for additional shipping, you can actually Flont around $2 million in jewels!

Does Flont make fashion sense?


Of course! Our collection of designers and pieces is curated by Brooke Magnaghi, an influential accessories editor. Under her direction, our collection is constantly changing, with selections from the leading fine jewelry designers. Brooke has an eye for designers with a distinct voice, creating an incredible variety for our members to explore.

Where does Flont get its jewelry?


Flont has exclusive partnerships with artisan jewelry designers, and we acquire jewelry directly from those brands. Jill Heller, our vintage curator, hand picks signed pieces of jewelry made by leading global brands and artisans, from estates and dealers.

When does Flont add new jewelry?


Constantly! Every Tuesday we update our "New Selections", and recommend that you check it early - new items are reserved quickly. Our inventory is a mix of jewelry we purchase, and jewelry provided and maintained by our designers, so it changes often.

what is the condition of the jewelry?


Our quality assurance team inspects every item. We have an in-house repair and polishing department to make certain that each jewel is perfect. The jewelry you Flont is indistinguishable from brand new.

What about ring sizes?


We do not size our rings. You need to choose a ring in your size. Sometimes multiple sizes are available for a particular style, sometimes there's just one. We buy a range of sizes to offer you a great assortment.

what about damage?


We want you to enjoy your Flont. Normal wear is expected - light scratches and dings, a snagged chain and minor damage are all covered by us. You will be charged the actual cost to repair more substantial damage, up to a limit of $250. To keep the Membership fees low, we reserve the right to eject inconsiderate people.

how is the jewelry insured?


Flont has purchased insurance for all our Members and Clients, and it is included in our membership fees. For renters, the insurance and FedEx are bundled in one low price. You are responsible for a deductible of 25% of the retail value of any lost, severely damaged or stolen jewelry, so be careful! You must file a police report for any claims. False reports are subject to criminal prosecution and civil penalties.

Do you run a credit check?


No. We do not run a credit check.

We do require that you register with a credit card issued by a U.S. bank (no debit cards), and provide a photo of your Driver's License or passport, from your cell phone, which we verify. We only ship to the address where you receive your credit card bill.

You also need you to confirm the amount of a small ($0.01 to $0.15) charge, to ensure that you have access to the credit card online bill - which we will refund.

is there a Flont retail location?


Coming soon! We are planning retail stores, where you can select and return jewelry. Portions of our stores will be leased by our roster of designers - who can launch new collections and interact directly to their followers. Presently we have one location in New York City, at Rockefeller Plaza (overlooking the skating rink!)

is Flont available outside of the U.S.?


Not yet, but plans are underway for club expansion in Europe and Asia. Currently, all members and deliveries and returns must be in the U.S.