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Deca Nueva Large Necklace

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Deborah Pagani Deca Nueva Large Necklace Next Available Date: 5/28/2018 12:00 AM

Retail: $3,060.00

Member: $2,601.00

  • 18k white gold
  • Diamond, 0.45 total carat weight
  • 16" inches long


Deborah Pagani designs for women like herself, a tribe proud to flaunt their femininity. Citing femmes fatales as inspiration, Pagani is also drawn to the curved shadows and stark shapes of art déco and the silver screen stars of that era. Pagani´s fine jewelry is akin to the designer and her muses — a rare combination of glamour and elegance.

Deborah Pagani debuted her fine jewelry line as a personal experience after fourteen years in the beauty industry in New York. Quietly, Pagani began creating jewels for herself. The reaction was swift: when she wore her pieces, they were quickly snapped up by private clients first and select boutiques soon after. She launched her eponymous collection in 2008 with her first group of statement jewels entitled Patra.

Her collection developed into a statement of all-American beauty, luxurious yet understated. Through design, Pagani works around a woman´s face and body like she did in her previous career. In many ways, the designer conceptualizes fine jewelry, using it as a wondrous tool to bring out the best and the brightest in a woman.

Deborah Pagani is a New York-based fine jewelry designer who, after many years in the beauty industry, began designing jewelry as a personal creative endeavor. After traveling the world and consistently being approached by women asking where they could buy her creations, Deborah decided to design a small collection of pieces which would later become her inaugural collection, 'Patra in the City'. Designing with a modern day Cleopatra in mind, she continued to expand her collections and launched her eponymous line in Paris in 2008.
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