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How do I redeem a Flont Gift Card?


To use your Gift Card for a membership, click on Flont Membership, then click on PURCHASE. Register, then checkout. When you checkout, add your gift card and click redeem. Even if a Gift Card pays for a membership, you need to register with a valid credit card, but you won't be charged for the membership!

If you already love an item, and want to make it yours forever, you can apply the Gift Card value towards a purchase. First register, then click on Account at the top of the page. Here you can add your gift card, and the dollar value is credited to your account.

What can I get with a Flont Gift Code?


Promotional Gift Codes (which you received via email), can be used for a Flont Membership or jewelry purchase. Purchased Flont Gift Cards (which are available as physical cards) are redeemable for any Flont membership, products or services.

Can I combine cards?


Only one promotional Flont Gift Code can be redeemed by any one person during any six month period. Purchased Flont Gift Cards can be combined without restriction.

Why do I need a credit card?


All membership transactions require that a valid credit card is on file, to verify identify, and that it is authorized for charges, such as the purchase of borrowed jewelry, late fees, repair fees, and insurance deductibles.

What are the other terms?


All gift cards transactions are subject to the standard Flont membership terms, or purchase terms of sale.