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The premier destination for fine jewelry rentals

Our mission is to provide a new way to experience jewelry and to make the world’s most beautiful jewels accessible to all. When you Flont a jewel, you also help the world by enabling sustainability which earns you a double high five.


We’re revolutionizing the fine jewelry experience. Flont is the first service of its kind — a way for consumers to discover and borrow jewelry with unprecedented access. Our mission is to provide an easy and fun way to try out jewels that you love without committing to a purchase. Our unique luxury on loan membership program grants clients access to over 65 brands including Cartier, Bulgari and Tiffany.

Headquartered in the heart of Manhattan, our showroom overlooks Rockefeller Plaza and is open to members on an appointment basis. Our showroom contains a full-service workshop, where we maintain and polish all of our items to ensure that every jewelry piece is like new for every client.

We’re proud to support, not disrupt the jewelry industry. Both our designer partners and retailers benefit from Flont by enabling new fans, fair trade, brick and mortar traffic and sustainability. We hope you love this new way to explore and indulge in fine jewelry.